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We’ve put together the hottest tech news from the last 24 hours, linking them to the headlines. So that you catch up at a quick glance, and enter where it interests you.

Has been revealed the percentage of users who have installed Windows 11. The figure, below 9%, surely Microsoft does not like …

We have been one of the few media that has tried first-hand Razer’s portable console with the new Snapdragon G3x processor. Don’t miss the video because it’s worth a little prying.

On Wednesday Tesla put on sale a cyber whistle (as is), and yesterday something more coherent: the cyberquad for kids. Impossible to get bored with Elon Musk …

Technological news

We already know the percentage of users who have installed Windows 11 and Microsoft should not be very happy. Read the news

Will Bitcoin be able to break the $ 100,000 barrier in 2022? Read the news

You can now carry your car key on Android phones: BMW, Pixel 6 and Galaxy S21 as pioneers. Read the news

The new Office interface based on Window 11 begins to reach users today, also on Windows 10. Read the news

Mobile phones

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is already a reality and these are all the smartphones that will integrate this high-end processor. Read the news

WhatsApp is testing a new button to be able to go back. Read the news

7 Android mobile games that you have to download right now. Read the news

Computers and tablets

Intel’s entry-level graphics card would go head-to-head with Nvidia’s best-seller. Read the news

Microsoft tries to ‘mess us up’ so we don’t install Chrome on Windows. Read the news


Alexa can now detect and notify you if you have left a tap running or the washing machine has finished. Read the news

8 tips from two psychologists to avoid stressing out this Christmas season. Read the news

Leisure and gaming

Dèjá Vu, the new Matrix trailer that reveals the plot of Resurrections. Read the news

One of the best movies of 2021 just hit Netflix and no one has noticed. Read the news

10 Prime Video Original Series You Can Watch During Free Trial Month. Read the report

Snapdragon G3x: impressions and first contact of the Razer laptop with Android, 5G and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Read the report

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5: which one would you save more on your electricity bill playing the same thing. Read the news


This is how the Ford navigator worked in 1964, when GPS, mobile phones or computers did not exist. Read the news

The Tesla Cyberquad is an electric quad for children that only costs almost € 2,000. Read the news

Beware of them! These are the 10 DGT radars that fined the most in Spain. Read the news


A Harvard study clarifies which nRNA vaccine is more effective: Pfizer VS Moderna. Read the news

A large asteroid, more powerful than a nuclear bomb, will pass very close to Earth in a few weeks. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

The one that is coming! 20,000 people live in this Russian neighborhood community. Read the news

EasyMile EZ10, the first autonomous vehicle without anyone at the wheel authorized to circulate on public roads in Europe. Read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!

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