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While Malaysia gets the 2022 Yamaha TMax 560 priced at RM72,888, Yamaha has turned the dial up to 11 for Europe, with the launch of the 2022 Yamaha TMax 560 Tech Max. Additionally, while the Malaysia market gets two colour choices for the TMax 560 – Tech Kamo and Pewter Grey – European buyers get the TMax 560 in Extreme Yellow, Icon Blue and Sword Grey.

If Malaysian TMax 560 buyers are feeling a little short changed, don’t be. What we know as the TMax 560 here is actually the Tech Max version in Europe. The only difference in specification is the provision of Garmin navigation display on the 7-inch TFT-LCD screen which is a subscription only service and not available in all markets.

Thus the “base” TMax 560 in Europe omits the heated seat, heated grips, electrically adjustable windshield, cruise control, backlit handlebar switches and adjustable rear suspension, all of which come as standard for Malaysia. Similarly, the European-spec TMax 560 has an ‘A2’ licence category option which is not applicable to Malaysia.

All other specifications remains the same with a two-cylinder DOHC engine producing 47.6 hp at 7,500 rpm and 55.7 Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm with power going to the rear wheel via an automatic transmission and belt drive. With all new body panels and revised ergonomics, the TMax 560 has improved rider comfort for long trips in the 800 mm tall saddle.

Other riding conveniences include traction control, ride modes, keyless start with Smartkey remote and remote opening fuel cap and seat. Rolling on 15-inch wheels with 15-litres of fuel in the tank, the TMax 560 weighs in at 220 kg.

[embedded content]GALLERY: 2022 Yamaha TMax 560 Tech Max Europe

GALLERY: 2022 Yamaha TMax 560 Europe

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