10 Podcasts on Programming to Learn How to Be a Better Developer – Business Insider

  • There are many free resources developers can use to enhance their coding skills and tech knowledge.
  • Podcasts are an engaging way to learn and let developers take their educations on-the-go.
  • Insider found 10 tech podcasts to listen to if you want to be a better developer.

With so many free resources from websites to YouTube tutorials available to help teach new skills, it’s a great time to be a developer.

Whether you’re learning how to code, a self-taught programmer, or an industry veteran, podcasts in particular can be a convenient tool for enhancing your skills and technical knowledge. But being a software developer isn’t just about complicated code and programming languages — developers create and maintain products that influence our everyday lives, so it’s important to understand the human impact software creates, too. 

While many shows help break down the technical, there are several popular podcasts that discuss that impact and touch on often overlooked aspects of development. Many are also hosted by developers themselves, who provide behind-the-scenes looks at careers in programming. Software developers also use podcasts to share career tips, thoughts on current tech news, and what it’s like to be a tech worker during a huge moment of change within the industry.

Based on feedback from developers on social media, Insider compiled a list of podcasts every aspiring software developer can add to their queue to improve their programming skills. 

Here are 10 podcasts that help listeners become better developers: 

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