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Generally, beyond the age of 40, a person’s health begins to deteriorate and as a result, taking extra care of oneself becomes even more important. Taking care of one’s own health and maintaining one’s immune system is non-negotiable, especially in these hard times.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Nutritionist Sapna Jaysingh Patel, Founder of Health Before Wealth, shared that if you are preparing a delicious supper for your dad, make sure to include the following foods that will help him improve his health or if you are a man over 40, following are a few diet consumption to include in your diet, since it is essential to maintain your health as aging process starts –

1. Eat more fibre: Fibre promotes the survival of good bacteria and helps in healthy digestive function, which is beneficial to digestive health. Increased fibre consumption reduces the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Split peas, lentils, black beans, seeds (chia seeds, charmagaz or dried melon seeds, white sesame/til, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds), green peas, oats, raspberries, quinoa, leafy vegetables, nuts (almonds, cashew, pasta), and unpolished rice are all high in fibre.

2. Allow low-sodium foods to be consumed: This type of food (such as bananas and spinach) helps to increase potassium consumption while reducing salt intake.

3. Avoiding saturated fats, such as those found in red meat, full-fat milk, and dairy products, can be beneficial. Consuming Cow (Gawa) Ghee is an alternative solution (maximum 5ml per day).

4. Increase immunity: Popular consumption such as Golden Milk Mixture and Ayurvedic Kadha can help boost immunity. Black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and dry ginger are examples of spices that fulfill the same purpose.

5. Include herbs and spices like Tulsi, Yashtimadhu, Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Dry Ginger in your diet, as well as spices like Jeera, Dhaniya, Haldi, Kala jeera, Black Pepper (kali mirch), Cinnamon (dalchini), and Cloves (laung).

Adding to the list of diet tips for men over 40, Dr Jyothi Viswambharan, Ayurveda expert at NirogStreet, suggested –

1. Opt for gut-friendly food: It is believed that a healthy gut is extremely important for a healthy life. As we age gut-related problems become more troublesome. So choose food and adopt dietary habits that keep the gut happy. Include high fiber and food that manages the pachak agni.

2. Choose food that helps in reducing blood sugar levels: Cereals and grains that help in reducing blood sugar should become a part of your daily diet. For instance, cereals rich in fiber like Barley are much recommended.

3. Embrace immunity boosters and natural medicines: Common ingredients such as turmeric and lemon have great effects on boosting our immunity, they must find their place in one’s diet for a healthier life.

4. Choose foods that help in reducing blood cholesterol: High blood cholesterol has become a common problem, it is important to keep a close check on this and take steps to avoid any issues. Including foods that are rich in fiber can help in managing cholesterol levels in the blood.

5. Eat seasonal and adopt fresh and clean cooking: Traditionally the Indian system of curating a meal had the basic principle of eating what came in the season (fruits and vegetables). Plus, it is highly recommended to eat what is available fresh and cooked fresh, and avoid things that have chemicals and preservatives.

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